Digital Marketing Services

We are a team of digital marketing experts building campaigns that elevate our client's online presence.

Digital Marketing Services

We are a team of digital marketing experts building campaigns that elevate our client's online presence.

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What We Do

Attract new customers, convert more leads and grow your business.

There are always customers actively looking for products and services just like the ones you are selling. The question is: are these customers discovering your company when they search for the services you provide? In order to make sure the answer to this question is yes, it is important to have a strong digital marketing campaign.

Helium SEO’s experienced team can help you to optimize your sales by developing a strong marketing strategy specific to your company’s needs. We will make sure that when a consumer is interested in what you are selling, your company will be at the top of their list. Whether a potential customer is searching for your services using a search engine, social networks, or talking to other businesses, our strategy is guaranteed to get you more traffic.

Our digital marketing services can boost your reach.

The digital marketing world is extremely competitive and only growing more so every day. To beat out your competitors you will need to work with a company that understands how to reach target customers with an innovative and cost-effective strategy. Any company looking to get more traffic in today’s digital marketplace absolutely needs an SEO strategy. This strategy, custom tailored to your company, will help your brand become more discoverable for any potential customers. In order to accomplish this, Helium SEO will provide you with a number of services including:

We identify keywords that your customers are searching and get them ranking on page one of Google.

We help you rise above local competitors, and get customers or clients to visit your business in person.

We turn your website visitors into customers with a successful conversion rate optimization campaign.

We help you push your product or service and grow your customer base at a cost-effective price to you.


We track your website’s rankings and analytics in real time and report our findings to you monthly.

Marketing solutions & campaigns

We mix and match our digital marketing solutions to create a custom campaign fit for your company.

Our Technology

Your SEO Campaign at your fingertips

Our proprietary software offers comprehensive access to your campaign in one place so your team can better understand our SEO strategy, track progress, and see real results.

You’ll have access to our data driven resources to better understand what goes in to your campaign. Schedule, outlines, and meeting notes all in one place.

See every backlink our team is responsible for all in one place.

Understand the performance and progress of your pay per click ads campaigns.

Our team has developed industry leading tools to better understand and evaluate the viability and success of your campaigns.

See how your keywords rankings are trending all in one place.

Track and monitor the viability, status, and outcomes of your conversion rate optimization experiments.

Stay Connected and Organized

All of your campaign details in one easy to access location to help keep both your team and ours on the same page throughout your campaign.

Track Campaign Progress

Your Northstar Goal is our number one priority and tracking its progress is as simple as a click of a button.

See the Data Behind Your Campaign

Understand what goes into the success of your campaign. From Backlinks to Keywords, to CRO, our software puts complex data into easy to understand formats.

National/International SEO

Attract new customers, convert more leads and grow your business.

Managing SEO can be a very daunting and time consuming task for business owners and that is why you need to hire experts. Our team has many years of experience in SEO technology, and is driven to help your company grow. With our innovative approach to SEO, we will help you reach the top of the searches that matter. Whether you are trying to grow your visibility at a local, national, or even global level, we can help you rank higher for keywords that will get you quality leads.

Local SEO

Stand out on local searches.

Businesses of any scale could benefit from a local SEO strategy. Being easy to find on Google maps is crucial to success in this digital age. This is because more and more people are turning to their mobile devices to find stores, restaurants, and services near them. Higher visibility in local searches leads to in-person customers, better leads, and more conversions.​


Convert leads with a great CRO strategy.

Worried that new traffic from an SEO campaign won’t generate quality leads? We can help you assure that those visiting your site will stay longer, browse further, and contact more. Using a series of steps, We will create a strategy to engage site visitors, ignite their curiosity, increase their brand awareness, and improve the likelihood of them reaching out or purchasing.

Account Based Marketing Agency Services

Maximize your ROI, with a custom account-based marketing program.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses business resources on target accounts within a specific market. The business’s marketing and sales team work together to create personalized ABM campaigns for each target account. Helium SEO is a professional account-based marketing agency that assists in optimizing your marketing efforts. If you want to maximize your marketing ROI, let Helium SEO help create a custom account-based marketing program.

Web Design

Revamp your site with Helium Interactive.

Helium SEO is parent company to Helium Interactive, an experience-focused digital design agency. Design is a critical component to the credibility, communication, and recognition of your brand. Helium Interactive is experienced in producing brand identity, photography, videography, and website design for numerous clients.

Google Ads / PPC Marketing

Attract more leads with pay per click.

One of the best ways to attract quality leads to your site is through pay per click marketing. By creating Google Ads for specific, targeted keywords, you will generate more leads that are looking specifically for what you are selling. Through pay per click, you only have to pay in proportion to the amount of traffic your ad is generating. Helium can help you with a cost-effective pay per click campaign so that you attract new, high-quality leads that will convert.

Web Design

Website redesign services.

As a tool for branding and executing sales funnels, your website is a potentially valuable marketing asset. Some businesses use their sites as a shop where visitors can buy products and services. A website also provides an effective platform for promoting offers and providing leads with contact information.

Your website’s functionality and performance can have a significant impact on your business growth. Constant technological developments change consumer behavior. Overtime, your site may fail to fulfill visitor expectations and lose value as a marketing tool.

Helium SEO is a website redesign company that implements optimization strategies. These strategies improve your site’s user experience, online presence, and brand image. With our web redesigning services, we can also optimize your conversion rates and boost sales.

At Helium SEO we offer a variety of internet marketing services for all different types of businesses in the Cincinnati, OH & Covington, KY area.
As part of our Chicago-based SEO services, we work with you to create a custom SEO campaign to generate leads and grow your business.
As one of the leading Columbus SEO agencies, our team of SEO experts provide full-service search engine optimization.
If your company is seeking more traffic online, it’s critical to have a solid SEO strategy. Our Indianapolis SEO team can help.
Our Atlanta SEO team can work hand-in-hand with you to create an SEO plan that fits your budget and creates greater visibility for you online.

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We want to add your business to the list of partner companies that made millions through a partnership with Helium.

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