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Get your website to the top of organic search results with an effective organic SEO strategy.

Organic SEO Services

Get your website to the top of organic search results with an effective organic SEO strategy.

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What Is Organic Search?

Organic searches are unpaid queries, as opposed to pay-per-click advertising. The searches produce a list of relevant results based on the string of text you enter in the search bar.

You’ve probably heard that search engine optimization is an essential and useful digital marketing tool. Unfortunately, you may not understand what SEO entails.

At Helium SEO, we provide industry services necessary to transform your online business. Increase site traffic with these SEO best practices. Here is how we boost your organic performance in less than six months.

What Are Organic SEO Services?

An organic SEO agency helps you appear higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The higher you show up on the search results, the more likely people are to visit your website. According to, websites on the first page get 91.5% of overall traffic, with the top result receiving 33% of clicks.

An organic SEO company increases your visibility through organic SEO strategies. The goal is to naturally improve search engine results through savvy keyword research and high-quality website content. Four of the core ways Helium SEO builds organic traffic include:

Finding Quality Keywords and Topics

Keyword research involves finding and analyzing words that people use to find your website. Search engine optimization caters your content to these terms to improve search results. Note that all keywords are not equally valuable. Common phrases, like “book” and “comics,” are significantly more difficult to rank for than long-tailed keywords.

Helium SEO finds keywords to help your organic SEO campaigns stand out from the competition. We target winnable words that improve your digital presence. Our SEO experts build holistic campaigns that cover every aspect of your business.

Creating Quality Content

Outstanding digital content is crucial if you want to establish relevance online. A search engine rewards you for creating useful content, whether with photos, social media, or blogs. The content should be informative and worth sharing with other people.

Consistently producing high-quality content boosts your website’s long-term authority and credibility. Google will bolster your search results if your material attracts visitors. Helium SEO works with your business to produce content that will vault you to the front page.

Improving Technical SEO

While improving technical SEO is not glamorous, it’s as important as writing blog posts and producing videos for your site. Technical SEO focuses on a website’s backbone, optimizing the site and server structure. The improvements make it easier for a search engine to crawl and index your web pages.

Our organic search agency strengthens technical SEO through secure sockets layers (SSL) and XML sitemaps. SSL creates an encrypted link between your server and the visiting browser, while sitemaps provide a search roadmap for crawlers. Helium SEO also improves organic SEO through mobile-friendly design, faster loading speeds, and structured data markups.


Bolstering Link Building

When your brand is showing up on more and more searches, it will build credibility that your business is relevant and applicable to what people in your industry are looking for. Your website can have three different types of links: internal links, outgoing links, and inbound links. Internal links connect different pages on your website, while outgoing links forward visitor’s to another website entirely. The most important (and hardest to get) connection is the inbound link.

An inbound link happens when another website links to your site. The link shows that another website finds your content credible and useful, with additional links serving as further endorsements. Our content marketing team works with bloggers, influencers, and other organizations to get the link building boost your business needs.

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How Does Organic SEO Work?

Organic SEO improves all aspects of your online performance. An organic SEO expert works with you to make your website and content more user-friendly to visitors and crawlers. Optimizing your platform, sharing links, and adding metatags increases your prominence necessary to increase site traffic and page rank long term.

SEO strategies rely primarily on their content’s relevance. The more relevant content is to visitors, the longer the results will last. Repeatedly creating content that builds trust with users offers an effective way to generate more clicks.

How Does Organic SEO Work?

Increased Site Traffic

Google, which accounts for 92.54% of online searches, receives nearly 2.3 trillion queries each year. Only a fraction of people click on websites not found on the front page of search results. As a result, most organic search ranking goes to sites that rank highly for related keywords.

Our organic SEO marketing team improves your chances of ranking at the top of searches. The higher you rank, the more likely people are to see your website, products and services, and social media pages. The best SEO strategy works cyclically as you increase sales, credibility, and traffic, and then repeat the process.

Higher Quality Traffic

Increased traffic is always a positive, but it shouldn’t be the only barometer for success. You want your SEO strategy to attract the right kinds of customers to your business. For instance, your business sells hamburgers and steaks. You won’t increase sales if search engines send you vegan and vegetarian visitors.
The best SEO strategy tailors your brand message to your desired audience. Your typical customers are more likely to find you because of your content strategy. Utilize keyword targeting and topics they use in queries. The honed approach means your steak and burger business can attract the meat-lovers it needs to succeed.

Establish Brand Credibility

Search engines utilize an algorithm that rewards high-quality content, especially if you create it consistently. Our SEO company finds ways to build your business’ credibility within your industry. A wealth of informative content on your site makes you a top choice for the search algorithm. Visitors from related pages will be directed to your site based on their searches.
Imagine if you work in the mortgage department of a credit union. You can build credibility through blog posts about refinancing, interest rates, buyer’s markets, seller’s markets, and improving your mortgage terms. Members need and want this information to make informed decisions for their homes. Produce enough high-quality work, and you also attract incoming links that boost trustworthiness.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Repeat customers, personal referrals, and strategic partnerships reduce customer acquisition costs. Each of these initiatives relies on trust. Repeat customers have already experienced a brand and know they enjoy your product or service. Referrals and partnerships involve leveraging one trusted source to recommend your company.
Organic SEO services tie these content marketing strategies together. SEO establishes you as an industry expert, making it easier for visitors to build trust. Maximize repeat customers through organic SEO. This way you’ll spend less on advertising, promotions, and other paid services.

Improved Public Relations

While SEO and public relations seem like two separate fields, you can combine them to improve your digital presence. Organic SEO services need incoming links to validate the credibility of the content.
Organic SEO producers create content, while public relations professionals identify opportunities. These opportunities include link placement in news publications, blogs, and other related sources.
Public relations revolves around promoting a company through reputable outlets and influencers. The fusion of these two fields presents an attractive business opportunity. This puts your company in front of many new customers and clients.

What Is the Best SEO Service?

If you want data-driven SEO services with a proven track record of success, look no further than Helium SEO. Our company provides clients with the innovative solutions they need to stand out online. We streamline our approach to ensure you get the greatest return on investment for your site as efficiently as possible.

See for yourself why industry leaders like ARCOS and Salem Labs trust their organic SEO to us. Get in touch with us by filling out our online form with your contact information and needs. We look forward to assisting you and your website today.

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At Helium SEO we offer a variety of internet marketing services for all different types of businesses in the Cincinnati, OH & Covington, KY area.
As part of our Chicago-based SEO services, we work with you to create a custom SEO campaign to generate leads and grow your business.
As one of the leading Columbus SEO agencies, our team of SEO experts provide full-service search engine optimization.
If your company is seeking more traffic online, it’s critical to have a solid SEO strategy. Our Indianapolis SEO team can help.
Our Atlanta SEO team can work hand-in-hand with you to create an SEO plan that fits your budget and creates greater visibility for you online.

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We want to add your business to the list of partner companies that made millions through a partnership with Helium.

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