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By now, everyone knows that having a strong internet presence is essential to growing one’s business. However, achieving that robust presence on the internet isn’t always an easy task. Simply building a website isn’t enough anymore – it takes an understanding of how internet marketing works in order to boost your online presence in a manner that will actually lead to growth.

Remember that internet marketing is, in fact, its own field. A doctor wouldn’t expect a marketing professional to successfully diagnose and treat their own illness, and a marketing professional wouldn’t expect a physician to successfully market their own business online. 

However, by combining your knowledge of your company with our marketing expertise, we can work together to create a strong presence online. Our Indianapolis SEO professionals are standing by to help you do just that! 

Search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, web design, marketing campaigns, and analytics form the backbone of our marketing toolbox. with more than a decade of experience in online marketing, we’ve created our own unique strategies to build SEO campaigns that have helped many brands achieve their goals. Let us show you what your business can achieve with our expertise and knowledge at your disposal!

We do much more than merely create backlinks and many other so-called SEO companies do.  Our streamlined approach maximizes your return on investment (ROI) to give your business a true competitive edge on the Internet. Below are some of the services we use to accomplish that.

Our Digital Marketing services

  1. SEO – search engine optimization
  2. Local/GEO Located – SEO Services
  3. PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising(Google Adwords)
  4. Web Design (customized website)
  5. Google Analytics and Phone Tracking
  6. Marketing Campaigns/Marketing Solutions

If your company is seeking more traffic online, it’s critical to have a solid SEO strategy. Our Indianapolis SEO team can work hand-in-hand with you to create an SEO plan that fits your budget  and creates greater visibility for you online.

You see, many of the visitors to your site will get there by searching for keywords on popular search engines. A strong SEO strategy means that your site will show up higher in search engine’s rankings when they search for words that pertain to your business.

For example, if someone is searching for, “Indianapolis Bakery,” you want your site to show up on the front page of Google – most people don’t go to the second page. 

Our Local/GEO located SEO strategy is specifically designed to help your local business show up when keywords are paired with a location. Our Indianapolis SEO services team has several different methods we used to accomplish this, including online directory listings, building local citations, making sure your  Google My Business is claimed, among others. 

We can also supplement our SEO in Indianapolis services with PPC marketing. PPC uses Google AdWords to create advertising links for your site on pages with  related topics. Most successful digital marketing and SEO campaigns combine organic search traffic with PPC traffic. As always, we focus on getting you high conversion rates. 

Many SEO companies point to increased traffic to your site as proof that their campaigns are working. While we certainly intend to increase visitor traffic means little if you’re not actually getting solid leads as a result.

Our Indianapolis SEO company has taken another path. Ranking and traffic can end in increased leads, but on their own, they aren’t inherently valuable. Leads, however, certainly are. Our entire philosophy is centered around generating real leads. 

That’s why our engineers have developed a detailed monthly reporting system that highlights conversions rather than just traffic and rankings. We used google Analytics, heatmaps, and call tracking so that we can show you exactly how our SEO and marketing strategies have benefited your business.

You’ll know exactly how much bang you’re getting for your buck. While some Indianapolis SEO companies make it difficult for you to tell whether your ROI is actually worth it, we go our of our way to ensure that you can see exactly what you’re getting. 

If you’re reading to take the leap and transform your company’s online presence, generate more traffic, improve your rankings, and most of all, get more solid leads, contact us today to get started!

Ready to get started? Reach out and we’ll get going.


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