Apeks Supercritical

We helped increase their leads through their website by 373% in under a year.

Why did they need help?

Stand out in an emerging market.

Since 2001, Apeks SupercriticalApeks Supercritical has been designing, refining, and manufacturing botanical oil extraction systems utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2. Their SEO campaign focused on separating them from the competition in this emerging market. See how we helped Apeks Supercritical with our comprehensive, strategic, and results driven SEO campaign.

Organic Traffic

We nearly tripled their organic traffic.

Our SEO campaign drove more traffic and visitors to their site from 4,385 visitors/month to 11,600 visitors/month over the span of a year and a half. Ranking higher for keywords and keyword phrases that customers were searching for on Google helped increase traffic to their website. The overall authority of their website increased throughout our SEO campaign.

What did we do to help

Our SEO strategy for Apeks Supercritical.

Helium SEO provides a number of services that are custom-assigned to projects based upon the company’s needs. Our SEO campaign for Apeks Supercritical included the following services:

• Determining buyer intent: Do potential customers type these keywords when they are looking for your product?

• Factoring in search volume: Are these keywords searched often enough on a consistent basis?

• Looking into keyword difficulty: Can we responsibly rank these keywords throughout the course of your campaign?

• Site Structure Analysis

• Find and fix technical SEO concerns: linking issues, content concerns, title tags, headers, etc.

• Implement high priority or high impact audit items first.

• Create relevant, user friendly content that hold the pre-set keywords and drive traffic to the site.

• Determine what content the site needs vs. which landing pages need additional content or keywords.

• Add/correct all content & meta data to be recognized by major search engines (Title Tags, Headlines, etc.)

• Optimize landing pages for design and SEO factors (remove iframes, reduce bounce rate, long enough content, etc.)

• Correctly link your internal pages to ensure that your site utilizes linking power.

• Direct the power from existing and new links on other sites to the pages that need them most.

• Google uses a different algorithm for each industry, and they are constantly changing it.

• Usually at least one keyword phrase lags behind, so we review, re-analyze, and put other factors in place to work around Google.

• Monthly Progress Reports

The Result

Leads through their website increased by 373% in under a year.

Since starting their campaign in December 2017, leads coming through their website increased from 157/month to 586/month. Not only did we see an increase in the number of leads but an increase in quality leads that converted to paying customers through more relevant, user friendly content, and SEO optimized strategies.

As you can see the results of the SEO campaign for Apeks Supercritical have been outstanding! This is simply one example out of many that our team has executed for our clients in the past year. If you are struggling to drive increased rankings, improve SEO, or significantly increase your site traffic please give us a call and we will walk through our process and campaigns.

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