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Maximize your ROI, with a custom account-based marketing program.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses business resources on target accounts within a specific market. The business’s marketing and sales team work together to create personalized ABM campaigns for each target account.

Helium SEO is a professional account-based marketing agency that assists in optimizing your marketing efforts. If you want to maximize your marketing ROI, let Helium SEO help create a custom account-based marketing program.

The Benefits of Account-Based Marketing


With account-based marketing, you only focus on the target accounts with the most buying potential. Finding the ideal customer profile avoids contact with unqualified accounts. As a result, you save valuable resources and streamline your marketing and sales processes.

Personalized Campaigns

With account marketing, the marketing agency creates a personalized message and content. This aligns the prospect’s needs with the campaign assets. The result is a higher success rate and an increase in sales.

The Alignment of Marketing and Sales

An account-based marketing strategy requires the sales and content marketing teams to identify target accounts and create personalized messages. This combined effort offers the prospective buyer a consistent experience to ensure trust in your service.

Short Sale Cycle

ABM is a B2B approach that allows companies to target and nurture all prospects at the same time. Because multiple stakeholders won’t use time consulting each other, the sales process is relatively short.

Our ABM Marketing Services

Helium SEO can formulate and implement a custom ABM strategy from start to finish. Read more about our services below.

Identifying Accounts and Assessing Buyer Personas

Using predictive marketing, analytics, and intent data allows us to identify companies that need the products or services that your business offers.

Before developing a marketing message, you need an in-depth understanding of your prospects. We use intent data to assess your buyer personas and research your target accounts. Then, we develop an account-based marketing framework to create personalized content.

Developing a Content Strategy

After researching your prospects, we develop a content strategy and personalized messaging that will best reflect your target accounts. In addition, we create a content map to demonstrate how your prospective buyers will transition from one buying stage to the next. As a result, your accounts have all the information they need. 

ABM Program Launch

A program will be implemented once the content strategy and personalized message is in place. The ABM agencies we identified are targeted during the initial phases of the project. We make it possible to track your ABM campaign to monitor account coverage and reach engagement. 

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ABM is an effective B2B method for marketing complex offers to prospects without wasting resources. As a professional account-based marketing agency, we can help provide you with a complete and custom ABM solution. 

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