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How We Elevate Your SaaS Company with SEO

Helium SEO isn’t just any other digital marketing or SEO company. We’re AI-powered and data-driven to offer the best results that maximize your ROI. 

We leverage our understanding of SEO and SaaS companies to provide meaningful changes. With our help, you can rank higher, cultivate more leads, and grow your business.

As an extension of your marketing team, Helium SEO is your digital partner. You’ll have a multitude of resources to conduct keyword research, optimize content, acquire backlinks, and more so you can thrive online.


SaaS Requires a Unique SEO Strategy

Let’s face it: the SaaS industry thrives on innovation and long-term customer relationships. But your customers are savvy, intelligent, and technologically-inclined. That means you have to meet them where they are in their initial research—online.

Over half of shoppers say they use Google to research a purchase they plan to make online. If you want to be one of the top-ranking results for your potential customers’ search, you need an SEO strategy. And no routine, commonplace strategy will get you the results you want.

For a unique SaaS company like you, you need your own unique SEO strategy. As your SaaS SEO agency, Helium SEO tailors our services to your needs. With everything from dynamic landing pages to crafting quality content, we’ve got you covered.

Invest in Long-term Success with SEO

SEO is the only marketing strategy that has lasting effects for months with costs that remain consistent. PPC ads might get fast results but once your monthly spend budget runs out, the clicks stop. Affiliate marketing rates vary case by case, and you can never guarantee successful results.

Search engine optimization is the long play that steadily gets you traffic and leads. The best SaaS companies are investing in SEO because it ensures a spot in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for an extended period of time. You have consistent costs and consistent results with an effective SEO strategy.

What Are the Benefits of Organic SEO?

Increased Site Traffic

Websites on the first page of a Google search get almost 92% of clicks. That means you need to be on the front page of Google if you want to organically acquire more website traffic. We improve your chances of ranking at the top of relevant searches for your SaaS company.

Higher Quality Traffic

While increased traffic is great, you want the right kind of traffic. For instance, let's say your product helps users with project management. You won't increase sales if search engines send you visitors looking for help with hiring or payroll. You need an SEO agency that works with you to identify the right audience and keywords.

Establish Brand Credibility

The value of an increased online presence can't be overstated. When you consistently appear for relevant, frequent Google searches, your SaaS brand will imprint in your audience's mind. Our team works to continually build your site's credibility with search engines, customers, and online users.

Reduce Marketing Costs

When you meet interested, ready-to-convert users where they're searching (i.e., Google), you won't have to spend as much on marketing to find your audience and try attracting them to you. You're already right there, online offering to help them right now. Don't burn money enticing apathetic users at the top of the sales funnel when you can find real, potential customers on their terms.

Improved Public Relations

In addition to building your brand, SEO can also help improve your public relations efforts. SEO boils down to findable, high-quality content that other organizations and media outlets can use to boost your public image. We help your site all-around to ensure it's the best it can be across all worthwhile channels.

Successful Pillars of Search Engine Optimization

Thorough Keyword Research

Any successful SEO strategy starts with keyword research. This is the process of identifying which keywords your target audience is searching for and then determining which ones you should focus on. Once you recognize what people are Googling, you can strategically curate content to that specific keyword.

Our team finds keywords that are relevant relevant and competitive to help your organic SEO campaigns stand out from other SaaS companies. We target winnable search terms that’ll boost your online presence.

Creating High-Quality Content

The next step in ranking high for specific Google searches is crafting high-quality content that best helps users with their query. Building topical authority with your product or service is also crucial to Google recognizing you as the go-to site for your audience’s questions, pain points, and more. This means consistently blogging to be the one-stop-shop for your niche.

Helium SEO works with you to outline content best-fitted for your target keyword, and then we have the capabilities to even write superior SaaS content. We’re your full-service team to successfully grow your website’s depth of content.

Enhancing Technical SEO

Of course, no element of SEO works if your technical SEO isn’t in order. Technical SEO encompasses optimizations to your website and server that allow search engines to better crawl and index your site. For instance, this includes secure sockets layers (SSL) and XML sitemaps. Once your website is technically-sound, the rest of SEO can properly follow.

We help your SaaS site with all of the technical SEO aspects from the get-go to ensure you’re operating at your optimal potential. Helium SEO improves your organic rankings through mobile-friendly design, faster loading speeds, structured data markups, and more.


Effective Link Building

Building your credibility is a necessity with better organic search rankings. A significant aspect of this is backlinks, which is when one website links to yours, almost as a digital vote of confidence. Any SEO agency you work with should make link building—the process of acquiring backlinks to your page—a priority. 

With our vast, reliable network, Helium SEO is able to consistently bolster link building for your site. Our team works with bloggers, influencers, and other organizations to get the backlinks your SaaS business needs to thrive online.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do I Need a SaaS SEO Agency?

If you want the best results, it's always crucial to trust the experts. Search engine optimization might sound easy in theory, but once you dig into it, you'll quickly realize there's a lot more than meets the eye. Helium SEO has spent years positioning itself as a leading expert in the digital marketing field. We only implement strategies that are data-driven and results-oriented to give your SaaS team the best return on investment.

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

An SEO agency handles your entire search engine optimization strategy. From initial keyword research to the final effort of building backlinks to your page, Helium SEO does it all for you. We even have the team to improve your website's design and continually monitor user experience success with our CRO team. You won't need to go anywhere else to elevate your digital presence.

What Is SEO for SaaS?

SEO for SaaS is a specific kind of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It's particularly designed to improve a SaaS (Software as a Service) company's organic search rankings and online presence.

Is SEO Important for SaaS?

While SEO is important for every business and industry, SEO is especially important for SaaS companies because it improves online visibility. Customers typically seek solutions for their current process pain points (like recruiting, payroll, etc.) online, so SEO reaches customers where they are researching. SaaS also often has a technologically-inclined target audience in mind, which makes search engine optimization all the more worthwhile.

What Is One of the Basics of a SaaS SEO Strategy?

One of the basic elements to a SaaS SEO strategy is keyword research. This is the proper foundation to any SEO strategy, so it's important for SaaS companies to thoroughly and successfully identify their target audience and what exactly they're searching for online.

What Is the Best SaaS SEO Service?

The best SaaS SEO service is one that understands your specific needs and creates custom solutions for you. Plus, you want a partner that understands the SaaS industry to seamlessly implement ideas and techniques that work. If you want data-driven SEO services with a proven track record of success, look no further than Helium SEO—your SaaS SEO agency.

We provide you with the innovative solutions you need to stand out online from other SaaS competitors. Helium SEO also streamlines our approach to ensure you get the greatest return on investment for your site. Discover why industry leaders consistently rely on us to elevate their online presence.

At Helium SEO we offer a variety of internet marketing services for all different types of businesses in the Cincinnati, OH & Covington, KY area.
As part of our Chicago-based SEO services, we work with you to create a custom SEO campaign to generate leads and grow your business.
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