Scale Your SaaS Predictably with Data-Led SEO

We aren’t your typical SaaS agency. Helium is a tech-focused agency that develops its own software services (AI Writers, Content Analysis, and Project Management). This means that you get better tools to achieve SEO revenue impact and you get an agency with deep familiarity with the needs of a SaaS brand.

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Our SaaS SEO Process

We understand that data important to your company. This is why the SaaS SEO campaign begins with data acquisition like you’ve never seen. With Helium, you can predict the time to rank for a keyword cluster, the cost to rank, the market share of your competitors, the total market potential, and we project SEO ROI.

Many software companies throw money at a solution without the proper data. We start every SEO engagement by analyzing the expected ROI of an SEO campaign for a target cluster of keywords. You’ll get a list of the top organic competitors, the total monthly searches for all keywords, the estimated revenue generated by the top 10 competitors, the market share percentage of each competitor, and you’ll get a detailed breakdown of the likely cost to achieve those results. The goal is to inform the decision-makers for your SaaS so they can make the best decision for your business. It’s not abnormal for Helium to recommend other solutions outside of SEO during this process. We prioritize your success.
Before the campaign begins, we analyze your keyword search data and combine that with our market analysis report so we can find the opportunities to bring immediate business impact through SEO.
We set up keyword tracking, omni-channel reporting, GA4/GTM, our proprietary campaign dashboard, our proprietary project management system for content campaigns, and we send you forms that we use to inform our strategy.
After we collect all of the necessary data on your industry (buyer personas, keywords, market data, and your business information), our veteran digital strategy consultant meets with your team to refine and optimize the strategy further. Measure twice and cut once. If you’re a large SaaS made of money, we can take a more agile approach, but we typically find that SaaS brands need to be as efficient as possible with their marketing dollars.

At this stage, we execute the tasks associated with the collaborative SEO roadmap. We prioritize low-hanging fruit and we begin the work that will lead to you claiming the market share you want.

We review the data with your team and we consistently communicate with your team. We act as an extension of your brand. You’ll know who your customers are and you’ll have multi-channel attribution that clearly communicates the value of each channel. We use a proprietary reporting solution that allows you to customize the exact revenue attribution percentage you want to apply to each touchpoint. iOS14? No problem. Native-Ad platforms stealing credit? No problem. You’re going to love the Helium SEO approach.

Work We've Done

We’ve generated over $100,000,000 in revenue for our clients and we regularly 2x the organic traffic for our clients.

216% Increase in Organic Traffic
697% Increase in Keywords
1,000 Keywords on Page 1 Ranked

Seamless Integration With Your Team


Helium's CTO made a custom dashboard that contains all of the campaign information. Login button is in our header menu above. For SaaS brands, you can be confident that Helium understands SaaS.


The biggest challenge for SEO campaigns is communication. You ask a technical question in a meeting and the POC says "I'll ask our expert" and you wait multiple days. With Helium, your POC is the subject matter expert. While it costs us more, our client results speak for themselves.

Project Management

Forget long email chains and messages lost in slack. Helium SEO uses ClickUp to track projects. We give clients a shared link to see the dashboard for our projects so you can have confidence that the marketing work is moving forward.

AI Content Tool & Content Team SaaS

SEO Campaigns often lose momentum with content reviews and content roll out. This is why Helium built a SaaS for our clients. Rate your writers, see the SEO score by author for each article, and leave feedback using the 5 metrics that matter most.

Multi-Channel Attribution & Proprietary SEO Data

Tracking the impact of SEO is a challenge. Ad platforms like to steal the credit using last touch attribution. This is why Helium has a specific solution so you can customize the value of each touch point in the marketing funnel.

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We want to add your business to the list of partner companies that made millions through a partnership with Helium.

Customize Your Level of SEO Engagement

A la Carte Services
Get a high-level view into all your campaigns and easily align teams to plan and manage shifting.
  • Market Viability Audit
  • Topical Map and Low-Hanging Fruit Audit
  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • Link Building
Strategy and Consulting
Get a high-level view into all your campaigns and easily align teams to plan and manage shifting.
  • Insights into Algorithm Updates
  • Troubleshooting Loss of Rankings
  • Integration of SEO into Additional Channels
  • Published Authors and Speakers (SEL)
Full Campaign Management
Get a high-level view into all your campaigns and easily align teams to plan and manage shifting.
  • Niche Research and Competitor Research
  • Content Writing and On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO & Schema Optimization
  • Link Building and Link Authority Optimization

SEO Campaign Tasks

Keyword Research

Keyword difficulty and search volume are not the alpha and omega of keyword research. Find low-hanging fruit. Get an entity SEO approach to keywords and leave the shackles of keyword difficulty and search volume behind.

Technical SEO

One of the 4 pillars of SEO. Technical SEO covers a wide range of initiatives aimed at providing a better user experience while making it easier for Google to affordably crawl your website, no matter the size.

Internal Link Optimization

The science of Page Rank applies to internal links just as much as external linking. With Helium, we have precise methods of directing authority and relevance through our approach to internal links. We also can programmatically apply links using NLP and AI.

Keyword Cannibalization Analysis

When a page struggles to rank, the solution is often found through a cannabilization audit. Helium looks at all of your SEO pages and identifies whether topical overlap is preventing a page from ranking. We then systematically redirect content, which provides a quick boost to rankings.