We helped increase unique visitors from 1,035 visitors/month to 13,392 visitors/month.

Why did they need help?

Expand their reach with a cost effective dynamic SEO strategy.

Founded in 2015, RVnGO’s goal is to make RVing even better for more families and folks seeking to have new experiences, create lasting memories, offset the cost of owning their RV and share their passion for RVing with more people.Their website was launched at the end of 2016, and since launch they were trying to accomplish two things: First, increase the number of RV’s listed for rent on their website. Second, increase the number of RV’s rented on their website.

To accomplish their goals, they needed organic visibility on very competitive search terms, like “rv rental near me.” Our goal was to implement a dynamic SEO strategy to expand their reach all across the United States in a cost effective manner.

Keyword Rankings

Increased keywords ranking on page 1 from 19 to 1,111.

When we started working together, RVnGO ranked for a total of 1,873 keywords. Out of the 1,873 keywords, they were only ranking for 19 keywords on Page 1, of which all were branded search terms. One year later, RVnGO ranks for 14,130 keywords! That is a 654% increase in one year! RVnGO also ranks for 1,111 keywords on Page 1. Compared to last year, that is a 5747.37% increase!

What did we do to help?

Our SEO strategy for RVnGO.

Helium SEO provides a number of services that are custom-assigned to projects based upon the company’s needs. Our SEO campaign for RVnGO included the following services:

• Implementing a dynamic SEO strategy to add content across thousands of pages

• Implementing a city targeting strategy to drive RV Rentals in target cities

• Create an editorial calendar for blog content to increase long tail, organic traffic

• Determining buyer intent: Do potential customers type these keywords when they are looking for your product?

• Factoring in search volume: Are these keywords searched often enough on a consistent basis?

• Looking into keyword difficulty: Can we responsibly rank these keywords throughout the course of your campaign?

• Site Structure Analysis

• Find and fix technical SEO concerns: linking issues, content concerns, title tags, headers, etc.

• Implement high priority or high impact audit items first.

• Create relevant, user friendly content that hold the pre-set keywords and drive traffic to the site.

• Determine what content the site needs vs. which landing pages need additional content or keywords.

• Add/correct all content & meta data to be recognized by major search engines (Title Tags, Headlines, etc.)

• Optimize landing pages for design and SEO factors (remove iframes, reduce bounce rate, long enough content, etc.)

• Created a robust link building strategy to drive increased domain and URL rating.

• Correctly link your internal pages to ensure that your site utilizes linking power.

• Google uses a different algorithm for each industry, and they are constantly changing it.

• Usually at least one keyword phrase lags behind, so we review, re-analyze, and put other factors in place to work around Google.

• Monthly Progress Reports

• Optimize and run Google Ads effectively.

• PPC Map: Selected and tested keywords that customers are more likely to search when they are ready to buy and convert.

• Tracking analytics including quality score, text ad optimization, and click through rates.

The Result

Increased organic traffic from 1,035 visitors/month to 13,932 visitors/month.

In the first month of working together, RVnGO’s total traffic was 7,712 unique visitors. At the peak of the RV Rental season, which is June and July, RVnGO averaged 90,742 unique visitors! That is a 1,076% increase! If we just look at Organic traffic, they were getting 1,035 visitors per month. At the peak of the season, they were bringing in 13,932 unique visitors from Organic alone! That is a 1,246% increase!

As you can see the results of the SEO campaign for RVnGO have been outstanding! This is simply one example out of many that our team has executed for our clients in the past year. If you are struggling to drive increased rankings, improve SEO, or significantly increase your site traffic please give us a call and we will walk through our process and campaigns.

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