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Helium provides digital strategy and consulting. We lead SEO and Ad campaigns and help with Omni channel integration.

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We want to add your business to the list of partner companies that made millions through a partnership with Helium.

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What We Do

Attract new customers, convert more leads and grow your business.

There are always customers actively looking for products and services just like the ones you are selling. The question is: are these customers discovering your company when they search for the services you provide? In order to make sure the answer to this question is yes, it is important to have a strong digital marketing campaign.

Helium’s experienced team can help you to optimize your sales by developing a strong marketing strategy specific to your company’s needs. We will make sure that when a consumer is interested in what you are selling, your company will be at the top of their list. Whether a potential customer is searching for your services using a search engine, social networks, or talking to other businesses, our strategy is guaranteed to get you more traffic.

Our digital marketing services can boost your reach.

The digital marketing world is extremely competitive and only growing more so every day. To beat out your competitors you will need to work with a company that understands how to reach target customers with an innovative and cost-effective strategy. Any company looking to get more traffic in today’s digital marketplace absolutely needs an SEO strategy. This strategy, custom tailored to your company, will help your brand become more discoverable for any potential customers.

Business Assistance

Helium advises clients on a range of business problems in order to help them scale their marketing, ops, and sales.

Advisory Services:

Have a business problem and you’re looking for a team of expert strategists with over 100 years of combined experience? Tell us what you’re struggling with and we’ll identify the solution and provide advice on what to do next.

Fields of expertise:

Online Branding, Digital Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Design, Sales, Business Strategy, Search Engines, AI technologies, and Digital Ads.

Seamless Integration With Your Team


Helium's CTO made a custom dashboard that contains all of the campaign information. Login button is in our header menu above. For SaaS brands, you can be confident that Helium understands SaaS.


The biggest challenge for SEO campaigns is communication. You ask a technical question in a meeting and the POC says "I'll ask our expert" and you wait multiple days. With Helium, your POC is the subject matter expert. While it costs us more, our client results speak for themselves.

Project Management

Forget long email chains and messages lost in slack. Helium uses ClickUp to track projects. We give clients a shared link to see the dashboard for our projects so you can have confidence that the marketing work is moving forward.

AI Content Tool & Content Team SaaS

SEO Campaigns often lose momentum with content reviews and content roll out. This is why Helium built a SaaS for our clients. Rate your writers, see the SEO score by author for each article, and leave feedback using the 5 metrics that matter most.

Multi-Channel Attribution & Proprietary SEO Data

Tracking the impact of SEO is a challenge. Ad platforms like to steal the credit using last touch attribution. This is why Helium has a specific solution so you can customize the value of each touch point in the marketing funnel.

What Is the Best SEO Service?

If you want data-driven SEO services with a proven track record of success, look no further than Helium. Our company provides clients with the innovative solutions they need to stand out online. We streamline our approach to ensure you get the greatest return on investment for your site as efficiently as possible.

See for yourself why industry leaders like ARCOS and Salem Labs trust their organic SEO to us. Get in touch with us by filling out our online form with your contact information and needs. We look forward to assisting you and your website today.

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At Helium SEO we offer a variety of internet marketing services for all different types of businesses in the Cincinnati, OH & Covington, KY area.
As part of our Chicago-based SEO services, we work with you to create a custom SEO campaign to generate leads and grow your business.
As one of the leading Columbus SEO agencies, our team of SEO experts provide full-service search engine optimization.
If your company is seeking more traffic online, it’s critical to have a solid SEO strategy. Our Indianapolis SEO team can help.
Our Atlanta SEO team can work hand-in-hand with you to create an SEO plan that fits your budget and creates greater visibility for you online.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our digital sales consultants

We want to add your business to the list of partner companies that made millions through a partnership with Helium.

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Scott sutter
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