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Why is SEO hard?

SEO has two building blocks: on-page factors and off-page factors. On page factors are things like content, images, and videos on your site. Off-page factors are things like backlinks and social signals.

SEO is challenging for business owners because it requires superior technical knowledge and experience. This demands two very important components for your business. The first is a good website, and the second is a good copywriter to create content that attracts and interests users. Once you have those two things, you will still need to rank high in Google. What do you need in order to accomplish this? You will need an SEO expert to assess whether you have high-quality backlinks, and if you have enough of them.

It is very difficult to get other websites to link to yours to aid in this process. An SEO expert will demystify this process for you and help you get the backlinks you need to rank high in Google. Ranking in search engines is one of your highest priorities.

Could Helium Work For My Business?

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Our tool is perfect for a small or mid-sized business that is struggling with ranking higher in Google. We can work with your existing marketing department or consultant to deploy the Helium tool. We recommend starting with your highest ROI keyword first. If you sell RVs then your hardest keyword (“RV Minnesota”) would be perfect for us.

Local Businesses

Helium is extremely effective at ranking local businesses at spot #1 in Google. We do not find that all local businesses will have a positive ROI from doing SEO though. Typically if your average sale is below $50, then SEO may not bring enough new clients to pay for itself. If you are wondering if SEO might be right for your business, contact one of our consultants today!

Burned Out With SEO

Have you tried multiple SEO agencies only to see mediocre or poor results? Typically the reason for this is because the SEO agency was able to create content for your site, but had no strategy for creating the amount of quality backlinks it required to get your site on page 1. Take advantage of our Free Trial to see how powerful our tool is!

Technical Product or Service

Do you have a very technical product or service and struggle to find an SEO agency that actually understands your business? Have you not seen results from a prior engagement with SEO providers? If so, Helium is right for you. Our Artificial Intelligence allows us to work with very complex products without our team needing to be experts in the industry, and have allowed us to deliver spot 1 rankings for very technical companies and products.

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