Helium SEO Open House 1b

AI Driven SEO and PPC to Generate 4-14x ROI Marketing Campaigns

Get more phone calls, form fills, and subscriptions with crystal clear attribution.

See the results for yourself

Over the span of sixteen months, Beacon’s keywords increased by 697% and their organic site traffic increased over 400%.

Over the span of eleven months, Apeks Supercritical’s leads increased by 373% and their organic site traffic nearly tripled.

Over the span of twelve months, SellYourMac’s organic site traffic more than doubled with help from our in-depth SEO campaign.

Helium SEO Open House 1b

Who Is Helium SEO?

We are an SEO & marketing agency that helps brands thrive in the digital age

Search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, web design, marketing campaigns, and analytics form the backbone of our marketing toolbox. With more than a decade of experience in online marketing, we’ve created our own unique strategies to build SEO campaigns that have helped many brands achieve their goals. Let us show you what your business can achieve with our expertise and knowledge at your disposal!

We do much more than merely create backlinks as many other so-called SEO companies do. Our streamlined approach maximizes your return on investment (ROI) to give your business a true competitive edge on the Internet.

Customize Your Level of SEO Engagement

A la Carte Services
Get a high-level view into all your campaigns and easily align teams to plan and manage shifting.
  • Market Viability Audit
  • Topical Map and Low-Hanging Fruit Audit
  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • Link Building
Strategy and Consulting
Get a high-level view into all your campaigns and easily align teams to plan and manage shifting.
  • Insights into Algorithm Updates
  • Troubleshooting Loss of Rankings
  • Integration of SEO into Additional Channels
  • Published Authors and Speakers (SEL)
Full Campaign Management
Get a high-level view into all your campaigns and easily align teams to plan and manage shifting.
  • Niche Research and Competitor Research
  • Content Writing and On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO & Schema Optimization
  • Link Building and Link Authority Optimization

We offer a variety of digital marketing services to grow your business

At Helium SEO, we create innovative and cost-effective SEO strategies custom tailored to your company. We will help your brand become more discoverable for any potential customers. In order to accomplish this, Helium SEO will provide you with a number of services including national/international SEO campaigns, geo located SEO, conversion rate optimization, Google Ads/PPC marketing, Google analytics/phone tracking, and other marketing solutions & campaigns.

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Expert SEO Campaigns

Keyword Research

Keyword difficulty and search volume are not the alpha and omega of keyword research. Find low-hanging fruit. Get an entity SEO approach to keywords and leave the shackles of keyword difficulty and search volume behind.

Technical SEO

One of the 4 pillars of SEO. Technical SEO covers a wide range of initiatives aimed at providing a better user experience while making it easier for Google to affordably crawl your website, no matter the size.

Internal Link Optimization

The science of Page Rank applies to internal links just as much as external linking. With Helium, we have precise methods of directing authority and relevance through our approach to internal links. We also can programmatically apply links using NLP and AI.

Keyword Cannibalization Analysis

When a page struggles to rank, the solution is often found through a cannabilization audit. Helium looks at all of your SEO pages and identifies whether topical overlap is preventing a page from ranking. We then systematically redirect content, which provides a quick boost to rankings.